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Nu-Vizions Farrier Tools

Ultra-Lite Bad Ass HoofMaster Package

Ultra-Lite Bad Ass HoofMaster Package

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At 8lbs, the Ultra-Lite Badass Hoofstand is  one of the  lightest hoofstand on the market today!!

Built in the U.S.A. with structural integrity and quality with its sleek, high density, magnetic, non-slip, non-roll 14"x14" square polyethylene {HDPE} base, optimum 20"-25" adjustment with accessories of post, cradle, farrier clint glue table, and our NuVizions Hoof Quad/Stall Jack combination for the ultimate 15 lb hoofmaster package; as an extended tool added to the anvil and forge. 

Whether you are a professional farrier, plater, trimmer, veterinarian or equestrian; this Ultra-Lite Badass Hoofstand will exceed all your hoof support needs. 



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