• Linda Muggleworth, IUJH Racetrack Plater and Farrier/Paddock Blacksmith at Delaware Park. From Oxford, Pennsylvania

    The HoofQuad is my tool of choice to plate racehorses and use in the paddock at Delaware Park. I have been using the HoofQuad in my daily shoeing and trimming for over 6 years now; and absolutely love it. The HoofQuad is a must have tool for all Farrier's in their shoeing rigs; and the HoofQuad is a fantastic tool for barefoot trimmers, veterinarians and equestrians to have in their barns.

  • Aaron McAbee, Owner: Doubble A Farrier & Equine, LLC. Tryon, North Carolina

    I use this tool every day wether I am traveling to huge dresage events or locally for shows and Nu-vizions: HoofQuad helps take the weight off your back and makes your job more enjoyable, Thanks to Nu-vizions: HoofQuad for supplying a awesome tool that I use daily for everything while working on these amazing horses!!!

  • Troy Rowan, Farrier 26 years, Fox Den Ranch, Middletown, DE

    “To all of my friends out there in the Farrier world, this is one of the coolest tools to have in your truck or trailer, today. I don’t compare it to a hoof stand because it is a tool that can be used for many different things , you can turn shoes on it, you can take it out in the field and for the guys like Steve Teichman, and Pat Reilly of The University of Penn that are in controlled areas or even out in the field where you need to travel somewhere, it’s a really good darn tool to have in your truck.”

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