What Makes The HoofQuad the Working Farriers Tool of Choice?

  • The HoofQuad No-Roll Square Base

    The square base will not roll under the animal if knocked over during critical moments when a steady and sturdy place to rest the horses foot is needed. Fitted with a quick and easily adjustable jack stand, the base is sturdy - even fully extended with the Farriers’ foot placed on the base.Nail clippings-no worries the base is equipped with magnetic nail pick ups for quick clean up

  • The HoofQuad Cradle

    Padded Cradle for Shoeing

    The padded cradle is inserted into the top of the Anvil for trimming and shoeing. The padding ads a level of comfort and support for the horse and helps to keep the hoof from sliding while performing underside hoof tasks.Quick and easy to switch out when you need to use the anvil for a quick shoe adjustment.

  • The HoofQuad Anvil

    Mini Anvil for Quick Adjustments

    The specially designed anvil is equipped with non-slip grooves, hardy hole and a heel cam for turning heels of shoes, and to make quick shoe adjustments, allowing a huge time saving from having to go to the anvil to make the adjustments.The hardy hole also serves as the insert point for the cradle and the post.

  • The HoofQuad Post

    Insertable Post

    No need for a different stand for trimming when you have the Hoof Quad. The Hoof Quad comes with a post that is quickly and easily inserted into the hardy hole. The post is built for non slip comfort and support for the underside of the horses hoof, while the farrier works on the upper side of the foot.

A Message from Troy Rowan

“To all of my friends out there in the Farrier world, this is one of the coolest tools to have in your truck or trailer, today. I don’t compare it to a hoof stand because it is a tool that can be used for many different things , you can turn shoes on it, you can take it out in the field and for the guys like Steve Teichman, and Pat Reilly of The University of Penn that are in controlled areas or even out in the field where you need to travel somewhere, it’s a really good darn tool to have in your truck.”