• Roy Parker

    Do y’all remember I said Roy Parker had something new on his mind? Well I had the privilege of seeing the first of this new system built by Roy and his team. I’ve known the mastermind of Nu vizions for over forty years,and his time in the business has taken a toll on his body. After many years of thinking of a better way, he has developed a series of systems. Roy Parker is a visionary. But he just out did himself here. This system can go from the original hoof quad,to the Bad Ass in a second. You can pick your poison. Also you can upgrade to the hoof master. All in one. Everything is interchangeable. The glue table sets the system apart from any others. The system is the same design as the original, but with a twist. The composit no roll base, that eliminates the chatter of aluminum. Roy has worked tirelessly to address every possible concern of the Farrier. Trust me when I say, this is next level engineering. So be looking out for this. Soon you can possess the best hoof support system I’ve ever seen, built by a man who has lived it ,tougt it , and cares about it. We also have more to add to the line. Stay tuned.

    - Paul Nichelmann